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Reminds me of a joke…

Nevermind. The fact is that I enjoy two things. Two things that I would like to share with those who are interested. Playing with wood, and playing with cars. Actually I have interest in many things that have to do with using, and owning, tools.

I imagine that is a guy thing, and most of the people who stop by are likely to be guys. But maybe I can make things interesting for other types of folk. And it may be that I will be able to pass on some useful tips about creating things made out of wood. Small things and large things. Intricate or utilitarian. Furnishings or buildings and other things that are useful in their way.

Perhaps things that are neither of those.

Or maybe there will be car things. I am less well versed, but perhaps I can make up for it with interest and interesting things to say.

Currently it is trucks. But that is subject to change in a moment. If I do find that things are as I wish them, then there will be more to say.

Stay tuned as I update this blog every now and again as time, and interest, permits.

This Blog

This blog will be open for business in the coming days and weeks. Not open for business in the way that it will be selling anything. That wil not be its purpose.

It will exist to share information that will hopefully be valuable to its readers. Information about how those who have hobbies are able to enjoy them and live this busy life at the same time. Tips and tricks hopefully and some information about the things that will help you with your chosen hobbies, and stuff that those who share those hobbies with you might find of interest.

If we do our job  well this will be a place that you enjoy stopping back now an again to see what we have been up to. And if we do our job well we will enjoy having you come back to visit. Of course since that is the goal of this job of course we will be more likely to be the ones doing the enjoying.

See you soon.